Clara's next project is called The Distant Architect, a Science Fiction Noir


Reds and Blues is an emotive horror film. A piece that examines the trauma of the mind as well as the body. Anna is a young woman who suffers from an enlarged heart. She experiences both the physical and emotional side effects of her condition. Anna works for a sadistic dentist, the source of frequent nightmares. Frustrated, she contacts a feminist video collective who have found an interesting outlet for misused hearts.


A science fiction melodrama, Kick focuses on two women who have a psychic connection before they meet. The title Kick references a pregnancy in the story as well as the creative instinct or “kick”.

A visual and sonic experience, Kick utilizes the colors of traditional 1950s technicolor along with a contemporary electronic score and sound design. Featuring Sarah Weis, Jeff Norman and Andrew Taylor.

Kick 35min DV  2010

Kick the movie

Do we connect?

Installation piece. An experiment with speed, film grain, video noise and emotion.

16mm digitized 2005